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From the BBC:

“The study says the ageing population in the UK “offers higher education institutions a serious challenge”.

It says universities should set up centres in areas where there is a high density of retired people.

They should offer a range of courses such as moving from full-time to self-employment, ageing healthily, human rights and environmental citizenship.”


I’m not sure about the particulars, but even beyond the older generation this article provokes thoughts about the role of the university in local life. Oftentimes, it seems, universities are viewed as transcendent institutions with little direct connection to the cities in which they are located (major sports not included); however, this article makes the point that universities could, in fact, provide a very tangible local service asĀ  civic institutions. During my own time at IU, the university library department offered technology classes for anyone who wanted to takeĀ  them; I think initiatives like this are excellent media through which to connect to local society and establish universities as intimately connected with their geographic locations.


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