Thomas Coryat, Odcombian Leg-Stretcher

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Left to the Preachers

Alcohol, Morality, and Legislation in 17th-Century Massachusetts Colony

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Zadok the Priest

Michael discusses an iconic composition – albeit with a low-tech, in-the-trenches approach.

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A brief appeal

To the loyal, cherished, and wonderful fans of the show,

I have a very brief and simple appeal to make. In an attempt to slim down Ye Olde Budget as much as possible, I realize that the cost of hosting British History 101 – $9.95 per month – is a personal budget item that could perhaps be lifted through the kind generosity of just a small portion of British History 101's listenership. Therefore, I humbly request that, if you are so inclined, listeners contribute just $1 US to the show, via PayPal to BritishHistory101@gmail.com. If we do some quick calculations, one finds that a $1 donation from 120 listeners yields enough to maintain the show's hosting cost for an entire year; contributions above that amount, or more people giving $1, keep the show in business longer, and would perhaps even allow me to upgrade my microphone.

HOWEVER – if it should come to pass that this is not a viable choice at this point in time for listeners, fear not! The show will, indeed, still be hosted; I have borne the hosting cost until this point, and I can continue to do so into the future if totally necessary. With that in mind, though, it would be a great help to me to have this particular budgetary burden lifted. Also, should we end up with a substantial amount of money, I will dedicate a portion of it to the show's continued success and donate the balance to a worthy cause, such as the British Museum or the Imperial War Museum.

The listeners of British History 101 are some of the greatest people I have ever been privileged to know, and appreciate any sort of assistance that can be offered. If nothing else, though, just continuing to download the show is a generous display of support and I am incredibly grateful for the continued presence of all the wonderful people out there that join me in discussing history.

Warmest regards,
Michael Anthony

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Mark your calendars!

Just in from the Beeb:


“The influence the Welsh language had on books by JRR Tolkien is to form part of a major new festival in Powys to honour the author.

The Festival in the Shire will celebrate themes inspired by Tolkien, whose novels included Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Fans of the writer, leading academics and illustrators are expected to attend the planned event in Machynlleth.”

Read the rest of the article on the BBC Wales site (for some reason, the blog won’t allow me to link it). You can also check out the official site at http://www.festivalintheshire.com where you will find that the festival is planned for 13-15 AUGUST 2010. Mark your calendars – I expect to see ALL of you there!

In this episode, British History 101 returns with a casual flavor – Michael comments on Blake's "Jerusalem"

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History on the move

From the BBC today:


“Today the spot where he [Richard III] is supposed to have met his end – a victim of treachery rather than military genius – is marked by a roughly-cut stone memorial in a quiet grove.

The plaque upon it reads simply: ‘Richard, the last Plantagenet King of England, was slain here 22nd August, 1485.’

Except that he was not.

According to a team of battlefield experts and historians the location of the battlefield was two miles to the south and west. At the moment they are being no more precise because they fear the activities of illegal treasure seekers.”


Bosworth Field

Source: BBC

Rather interesting news. I believe several historical reenactments have taken place up near Sutton Cheney, so this is obviously a major change. Personally, I think this is a matter more important for archaeologists than historians, but still fascinating.