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Part of my immediately¬†previous post spoke to the community aspect of British History 101 – getting to hear from listeners and having some sort of communication between myself and everyone else. This is an enjoyable method of interaction, but I also appreciate the chance to have a more broad-ranging set of connections between people. In terms of the Internet, I’m referring to fora or message boards. I participate in a few different ones myself, although none of them have to do with British history. This is a situation I would like to change, but I’m having trouble finding a forum dedicated to history (one that isn’t blatantly extremist for some insane perspective, at any rate). Does anyone out there engage in this sort of online exchange, or are we more or less out of luck when it comes to getting together with like-minded historians and history buffs?

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From the BBC:

This is an interesting bit of international Church relations, as a church near Swansea plans to return a set of Chilean bells to the original diocese after being sold for scrap after a fire.

“Before arriving at All Saints Church they were shipped from Santiago after a cathedral they were initially housed in burned down, killing 2,500 people.

Now the Chilean government has asked if they could return to South America.

Members of All Saints Church council said it was “right and proper” that they return home.

The three bells were initially housed in the Jesuit Church of Le Campana in the Chilean capital.”

The church the bells were taken from, as depicted before the fire:

And the bells now:

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