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I received an email from a brand new tour company in Surrey a few weeks ago; Tours Unbound offers various expeditions through Surrey, exploring several thousands of years of history from the Stone Age through Henry VIII’s actions against monastic houses. The owner of the company asked if I would be willing to spread the word about this startup – since they’re dedicated to letting clients experience history firsthand, I’m more than happy to do my part to publicize for them. If you’re in the UK or have plans to travel there, I’d recommend you give the company a look and maybe take one of their tours through the area. Check out the website at the above link and tell them you’re coming via British History 101 :)


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From the BBC:

This is an interesting bit of international Church relations, as a church near Swansea plans to return a set of Chilean bells to the original diocese after being sold for scrap after a fire.

“Before arriving at All Saints Church they were shipped from Santiago after a cathedral they were initially housed in burned down, killing 2,500 people.

Now the Chilean government has asked if they could return to South America.

Members of All Saints Church council said it was “right and proper” that they return home.

The three bells were initially housed in the Jesuit Church of Le Campana in the Chilean capital.”

The church the bells were taken from, as depicted before the fire:

And the bells now:

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