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Zadok the Priest

Michael discusses an iconic composition – albeit with a low-tech, in-the-trenches approach.

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A brief appeal

To the loyal, cherished, and wonderful fans of the show,

I have a very brief and simple appeal to make. In an attempt to slim down Ye Olde Budget as much as possible, I realize that the cost of hosting British History 101 – $9.95 per month – is a personal budget item that could perhaps be lifted through the kind generosity of just a small portion of British History 101's listenership. Therefore, I humbly request that, if you are so inclined, listeners contribute just $1 US to the show, via PayPal to BritishHistory101@gmail.com. If we do some quick calculations, one finds that a $1 donation from 120 listeners yields enough to maintain the show's hosting cost for an entire year; contributions above that amount, or more people giving $1, keep the show in business longer, and would perhaps even allow me to upgrade my microphone.

HOWEVER – if it should come to pass that this is not a viable choice at this point in time for listeners, fear not! The show will, indeed, still be hosted; I have borne the hosting cost until this point, and I can continue to do so into the future if totally necessary. With that in mind, though, it would be a great help to me to have this particular budgetary burden lifted. Also, should we end up with a substantial amount of money, I will dedicate a portion of it to the show's continued success and donate the balance to a worthy cause, such as the British Museum or the Imperial War Museum.

The listeners of British History 101 are some of the greatest people I have ever been privileged to know, and appreciate any sort of assistance that can be offered. If nothing else, though, just continuing to download the show is a generous display of support and I am incredibly grateful for the continued presence of all the wonderful people out there that join me in discussing history.

Warmest regards,
Michael Anthony

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