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Clearly, it’s been no short amount of time since I last posted an episode of the podcast; the rigors of life outside of the show have been of a nature which makes it nearly impossible to spend any time in research. If I could find someone to pay me full-time to create the show, we’d have a twice-a-week chat about British history and I’d be pleased as punch. However, due to the fact that this small thing called reality requires my efforts to be poured into things which pay the bills, the show has suffered.

But fear not, faithful listener! The academic year looms like a stormcloud over the Tor at Glastonbury, and this time ’round it actually holds more promise for the show, rather than less as has been true for past terms. I am very grateful to have been accepted into the graduate program at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky, where I will soon begin studies on my chosen field – which is, at this point, something to do with later 18th-century imperial studies “on the home front.” I’ve yet to narrow it down past that, but suffice it to say that this will provide much more direct research that benefits both my academic work and the show itself. Hopefully, working with the faculty in the department will bring me just a little closer to Britannia, and I will do my best to bring all of you along with me.

Stay tuned. I’ll make no promises, but I sense the mists are clearing. Onward!


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