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Come May 2009, British History 101 is going on the road…and in the air! I will be making my (by then) long-awaited pilgrimage to the Sceptered Isle next summer and am officially in the planning phase of the journey. This is exactly when I need all of YOU to help me out! I can only do so much searching for itinerary points from here; what I really need is some firsthand suggestions and points-of-interest for places I can visit. Naturally, I am looking for locations with a rich history; I’d also like to do a short walk or two along parts of a National Trail (maybe overnight, as well). I also need suggestions for accomodations, favourite pubs, and out-of-the-way places that most tourists aren’t able or don’t think to visit. And perhaps a meet-and-greet in a convenient location for a few of us to come together and share some history? Not out of the question at all! Details to come, but start submitting ideas NOW!

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