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A new project

I’ve been working on this here and there on my own for a while now, but now I want to open something up to the listeners of British History 101.

It’s been fascinating to see all the tools one can utilize from Google, and I’m particularly interested in the Google calendar for our purposes here at British History 101. What I’ve done is place events in British history on a Google calendar on the date they occured with the year immediately following. The events are set to recur yearly, so they will automatically renew themselves as time goes on. The days of the week won’t be accurate, but at least we can attach a day, month, and year to the event. I’m told one can access the calendar through any one of these three addresses:

XML link to calendar

ICAL link to calendar

HTML link to calendar

I’m not completely sure how any of that works, so please let me know if you have any problems with it.

Here’s where you become involved. I’m fairly sure that those links point to a read-only calendar; that is, only I can actually add or delete events. What I’d like is to get listener submissions (LOTS!) of historical events for me to add to it and we can see it grow over time and refer back to continuously. I wish listeners could add events directly, but for the time being this will have to suffice. If you’d like to submit a date, send me an email at BritishHistory101@gmail.com with “Calendar” as the subject line. Make sure you include the title of the event along with day, month, and year. I’d prefer some sort of description of the event, and another preference would be that the description come from some reliable, published source (properly referenced, of course). Let’s see if this is a project British History 101 listeners are interested in!

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