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I have been perusing the BBC’s website (it’s 0200 EST – why in the world am I still awake?) and found today’s selection for the ‘In Pictures’ section. Here’s the first photo in the series:


Prince William planning a rescue operation exercise in the Caribbean. Note the name 'W. Wales' on his shirt. Source: BBC

Now let’s move on to a later photo:


Prince William with emergency workers. Source: BBC

The BBC’s caption of this photo says “There was no sign the islanders recognised the junior officer as he directed them during the 90-minute training exercise.” Alright, BBC, let’s think about a few things:

1. This was a training exercise, and there stands a chance that those involved knew who would be working with them before it went off. While undoubtedly there was no official confirmation of the Prince’s participation, we can rest assured that everyone probably knew he would be there. If this is so, they would know beforehand to make no special concessions or treat Sub Lt William Wales any differently.

2. Is it possible that, perhaps, the even if they had no prior knowledge, the islanders recognized His Royal Highness and did their jobs despite the presence of royalty?

I could be completely wrong (and hope I am), and the BBC intended the caption to mean precisely what point #2 says. However, what they’ve written comes off as though the islanders are ignorant ocean people with no knowledge of the Royal Family or goings-on in the world. I would expect the BBC, of all organisations, to give the islanders more credit than this. Shame on you, BBC, if you wrote what I think you wrote.


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