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I’ve been perusing the feedback left on iTunes, and I assure you not out of narcissism. I genuinely appreciate the comments left there, including the negative ones – although I will admit constructive criticism gives me something to work with; while you’re more than welcome to leave something like “This podcast is terrible,” which is helpful for people looking for something to which to listen, it doesn’t tell me why the show is terrible (a condition which, understandably I should think, is something I’d like to fix). Perhaps “This podcast is terrible because…” would be a bit more helpful.

There are several enthusiastic responses there as well, and of course those are wonderful. I’m glad the show has grown, and while I wish I could simply quit my job and do this all day (which I would do with much vim and vigor!) that’s just not possible. I’ve got something brewing now that was suggested to me by a listener, and I’m getting more interested in it as I go. Tomorrow night will see me into the library until the wee hours, to be sure!

In short – thanks to everyone who offers input, be it positive or negative. If you’d like make a suggestion longer than the space in iTunes allows, feel free to contact me at BritishHistory101@gmail.com. I’m always happy to talk!


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