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Although in this case, the messenger and the sender are the same guy.

I want to thank everyone for their patience with British History 101. I realize it has been a long time, to say the least, since I have last posted an episode. Too long, to be sure, and I am keenly aware of this. I want everyone to know, however, that I certainly have not forgotten or abandoned British History 101. I love this show, I love working on it, I love learning through it, and I love learning from listeners. This show was born out of my passion for the history of Britain and I fully intend on continuing to nurture and grow it to be the best show it can possibly be.

With that said, I am going to have a few hours of completely uninterrupted time this coming Friday to work in Indiana University’s wonderful library. I will put them to good use and dedicate them entirely to British History 101! This weekend marks a relatively important event for me (I’d love to release a show on that day), so I am unsure what the recording schedule will look like, but look for a new episode soon.



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